Wears The Trouser/Spring in Brooklyn

It is a beautiful day in Brooklyn. Today I was able to catch up a little bit with my friend Tim Bright. He and I wrote Lost and Found and Laundry and Dishes in Brooklyn several years ago. 

I play at the new Knitting Factory in Brooklyn tomorrow night with Ari Shine. We will each be doing a set of our music at 7pm and the show is free.

I have not sent my new CD out to press or radio yet and it will not officially be released until June. I have just sent it to the fans who have ordered it through my website. I did however send it to Wears The Trousers because they asked for it many months ago. They posted a review yesterday that I am rather pleased with. If you are interested I just posted it on the press page here.

I hope you are all enjoying spring (and not suffering from seasonal allergies) wherever you are.