WDST Radio Woodstock/Ulster County SPCA

Tonight at 11pm EST I will be interviewed by Harvey Kivel on WDST Radio Woodstock. They are also going to play some of my new songs from My Heavens. Wherever you are you can tune in online and hear Harvey's hour long show on WDST. I will be the first interview and my songs (along with other songs) will be played throughout the hour I believe. He is interviewing several other people who are doing very interesting things so the whole show is worth checking out. :)

WDST Radio Woodstock

As many of you know a percantage of the money raised through my fan funding campaign will be donated to the ASPCA. I am a big fan of animal shelters and the people who run them.

The Ulster County SPCA is a no kill shelter in upstate New York. They took in a long of animals recently due to Hurricane Sandy and they could really use your help. They have wonderful pets to adopt or you could donate a little or even help by getting them supplies from their Amazon wish list.

How To Help