Tunes for Tuesday - Cute, Queer, Canadian

Her sound is a pure bubble of brightness gliding across the serrated edge of her wit and poetic observation.
She is the icon of the literate pop scene and coaxes listeners into vivid reflections on our kaleidoscopic modern life.
In a clear, sweet voice, she traces out a series of weighted confessions, jealousies, apologies, and silent accusations intimate to each of us -- the same network of emotion we levy against the ones we both love and distrust.
I invite listeners to revel in the wonder that is Adrienne Pierce, the go-to girl for a smart shot of catchy-meets-cutting tracks for thoughtful listeners.
It is the sincere pleasure of this blogette here to introduce readers to the complex, clever cutie also known as Adrienne Pierce.
Ms. Pierce hails from the gorgeous Canadian west coast and belongs first and foremost to the indie scene in Vancouver, BC. With a towering selection of recent tour dates and festival slots, it could be argued she is now a global citizen in the most literal sense as she takes to the road for adventure and new geographies to inform her songwriting. Rather than rendering these landscapes into mere replicas, Ms. Pierce transforms their elements into otherworldly expressions of our interior lives and the secrets that rest therein.
In a word, Adrienne Pierce is a storyteller. She augments those difficult, personal admissions with infectious pop melodies and an undercurrent of sly country influences. It takes a rare talent to turn heartbreak into a rousing, sing-to-the-stars track and Ms. Pierce accomplishes it with ease.

For readers unfamiliar with Adrienne Pierce's credits, prepare to bask in her current success and prepare for an even brighter future filled with stunning new projects. Her debut album, Small Fires (2002), was released to great critical acclaim on Canadian soil and, with her follow-up EP, Hors D'Oeuvres (2006), Ms. Pierce found her foothold with the international music scene. Her delicious track, "Lost & Found," won its rightful place on the soundtracks for Veronica Mars and Grey's Anatomy, thus opening her music to a cultured collective of young listeners and music afficionados. Since then, her music has featured prominently on television shows including The HillsArmy WivesGreek, and the ever-infamous drama, The L Word, among others.
As a young musician, Adrienne Pierce was chosen to perform during the iconic Lilith Fairtour and was signed to Nettwerk Records where she produced her second full-length album, Faultline (2007). In the mere span of a decade, Ms. Pierce has conquered the concert halls of Canada, the U.S., and the U.K. with her addictive sound and she has performed at both SXSW and NXNE in addition to Canadian Music Week and Bergenfestin Norway. As for Canadian credits, fans know Adrienne Pierce lent her talents to a reinvented version of Neil Young's track, "Pocahontas," for Borrowed Tunes II: A Tribute to Neil Young (2008) with other Canadian heavyweights ranging from Chantal Kreviazuk andRon Sexsmith to City and Colour and Melissa McClelland.
In recent years, Adrienne Pierce released seasonal delights in the form of two EPs --Winter received great acclaim over the holidays in 2008 and Spring rounded out her success in 2009.
And now, eager listeners can look forward to Oh Deer hitting the e-shelves THIS MONTH.
Since I am such a wondrous blogette, I thought I should treat readers to a sneak peek into the upcoming album. On this Tunes for Tuesdays segment, I would like to celebrate the new release with her all-too-cute video for the first single, "Museum." It is rumoured Ms. Pierce penned this track on the back of a map as she explored the Museum of Natural History in Paris. It has a magical, nostalgic quality to it and, yes, she even taps into the biological history of our dear Earth in order to resonate with her listeners. Darn impressive, if you ask me.
"Museum" - Adrienne Pier
I first heard "Museum" on the first bright, Monday morning of May at 8:15 AM. I was driving in to the office, sailing past some kids out mowing the town's epic stretches of grass. And, with all the dandelions going to seed, the air was filled with soft, white plumes that looked like snow against the hot spring air. I ask you: what better conditions to experience this song than those?
Immediate favourites on Oh Deer include the quirk-filled, sun-drenched groove of "Black Sand," the quiet crush of New Year's Eve dejection in "Three Hours Ago" (in addition to a clever quote of Auld Lang Syne, FTW), and the injected sarcasm in "Winner Takes All." It might be the June 2010 release date speaking, but the summer heat sears through these tracks and promises a thought-provoking soundtrack for road trips to come.
And now, for the teaser -- readers are best advised to tune in this evening for an extra special treat here at Cute, Queer, Canadian. It is bound to blow some socks off (it did for me!) and I am thrilled to showcase it all here.
In the meantime, I suggest clicking over to Adrienne Pierce's MySpace account to get a fix of the new favourite here at Cute, Queer, Canadian.