Greetings From New York/New Album Pre-Orders

Greetings From New York

I am writing from my new office which is located inside the frozen yogurt shop down the street from my dark cold house. Ari, Arlo and I are fine and I think we will get our power turned back on this week. :)

My Pledge Campaign for My Heavens continues for one more month and the new album will be released to Pledgers in 29 days. You can still pledge to pre-order the album for $10 and get access to all the exclusives (songs, videos, lyrics photos etc. posted on my Pledge page). You can also get signed CDs, 3 brand new T-shirts, house concerts, a song written just for you, lyric and photo books, perfume etc. 

RIght now there are about 10 songs up on the Pledge Page to either stream or download. There will be more coming soon. I have also posted a painting that will be used in the artwork for My Heavens. The painting up on Pledge is called The Huntress and it is by the same artist who is responsible for the one at the top of this newsletter. Her name is Tricia Scott and she is really talented and incredibly nice too. 

Have a great week and a great month!!!

Thanks for reading my newsletter.